Standard medical services

As doctors of internal medicine, we specialize in adult medicine including the evaluation, prevention and non-surgical treatment of adult diseases.

Our physicians are expertly equipped to diagnose and treat a host of medical conditions, from common problems of the heart and blood vessels, bones, intestine, liver, lungs and respiratory tract and reproductive organs to chronic conditions such as diabetes and thyroid disorders or a combination of multiple illnesses.

We act as primary care physicians, providing a continuum of care for the whole person. Every patient has access to the special skills of the other physicians in our group, which provides an extra measure of expertise. We also help coordinate care when other specialists are needed.

Specialized services

In addition to basic medical services, our physicians also provide a variety of specialized services including:

  • On-site EKG and X-ray
  • Pulmonary function tests
  • Hearing tests
  • Immunizations
  • School and sports physicals

Electronic Medical Records

The job of the primary care physician is to coordinate patient care, and Electronic Medical Records is one of the tools we use to do that. In addition to making our office practically “paperless,” the system allows us to scan records received from other physicans, clinics and hospitals, creating a single, comprehensive, electronic chart for each patient. Our physicians can actually access important hospital records while we are in the examination room with a patient.

Electronic Medical Records help ensure the most informed patient care and preserves the legibility, portability, and accessibility of patient records into the future.